Friday, February 4, 2011

Disney on Ice

At the end of January, I was an incredibly brave momma and brought both kids to see Disney on Ice (tix courtesy of Aunt Nachie and Uncle Craig). I rarely bring the kids to the grocery store solo so bringing them to a crowded arena was self-back-patting worthy, especially when I had to lug 32lb Holden around while holding Scarlett's hand at the same time through the crowds because it was too packed for a stroller. (I'm still patting myself on the back - can't you tell?) But it was totally worth it. They had a blast. I didn't know what Holden would think about it, honestly. But he loved it. I dressed the kids in their matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse t-shirts, and...well...I was pretty proud of myself for that too. But, since this is starting to sound like a "Lauren is way too proud of herself" post instead of a "Lauren's kids had fun at the Ice Capades" post - I'll digress. The kids each got to pick out a toy during intermission. Scarlett got Ariel:And Holden got Mickey:The show itself was very fun and we got to see everybody. And I do mean everybody.

Yay Disney on Ice! (And Yay Lauren...just kidding. Kind of.)