Monday, June 27, 2011

Scarlett's Dance Recital - "Steppin' Out 2011"

Scarlett had her dance recital this past weekend. She loved every single second of the attention. She ate it up...with a spoon even. Check out her "I own this" stride as we're walking up to the joint.  

And here she is all decked out in ballet garb.
And with her (very, very proud) dad.
And nan. (And Larry...who was busy snapping all the great pictures.)
A nice "3/4 of a family" shot.
Did I say she was loving the attention? (I think I may have.)
And (drumroll please) here is the footage. This is actually from the dress rehearsal (we couldn't film the recital). It is not the best quality. It goes in and out of being decent and pretty horrible - the lights made it hard to get good video and there is a man who comes dangerously close to blocking my camera in the first 30 seconds of the clip - but, you get the point. (The best way to view it is to click on the two arrows in the bottom right of the box and make it full screen. Scarlett is the fifth little girl from the left.)

Pretty cute, huh?
Here is a picture of the finale. You can see how far back we are so there is no way that Scarlett could have made us out in the crowd.
But when Larry zoomed in with his camera - well...just check out her face.
Congratulations, Scarlett. You did fantastic and we are so incredibly proud of you!
And look out! Come September, Scarlett takes tap.


Pokolodi said...

Oh, how I have waited for this! She was so good! A little too good during the little bum wiggle, if you ask me. Sassy little thing.

Yay, Scarlett! I, for one, can NOT wait for tap!