Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hurricane Irene

After Hurricane Irene was done, Joe and the kids and I went for a walk. It was pretty crazy. We walked to the dock that is a few blocks from our house. This is a road covered in reeds and other ocean debris from the massive waves that washed ashore.
Most of the roads close-by flooded.
 When we got to the dock, there were a bunch of people there trying to find their boats.
 Some of them were not too happy when they saw where they were.
 This is someone's front yard.
 Some people had actually tied their boats off to telephone poles. It must have worked - the reeds that are all over the street show how far the water came in.

We lost power from Sunday until Tuesday. Daycare had no power for a few days. There was a brief point where our water was considered undrinkable. But that's nothing compared to what some poeple lost.
We consider ourselves very lucky.