Sunday, October 2, 2011

Open House - Norwalk Fire Station

Yesterday we went to an open house at the Norwalk Fire Station. It was awesome. The kids had a blast and the weather was perfect (and for the first time in almost 9 months I wasn't stressed about my graduate thesis - which was awesome) and it was just a really nice day. The kids got to try out the fire hose:

 And they got to go on-board fire trucks:

And drive fire trucks:
And there was only one mildly traumatic moment involving this fire truck below. See that front bumper? You know, the one that would make the Perfect Picture with 2 little kids seated on it? Well...I know from experience that the second you strategically place your kiddos on this particular bumper and back up 5 feet to take a picture, the kid who happens to be pretending to drive that same fire truck at that given moment will find the siren switch and scare the royal crap out of your sweet babies, who just so happen to be sitting next to the siren's speaker. And you will watch those sweet babies throw themselves off the bumper with no one there to catch them and they will fall hard on the ground and drop the cookies they are holding and the youngest one will sadly say "but, I dropped my cookie" for the next 4 hours because he's obviously traumatized. For life.  
Yep...this fire truck right here. So, next time, we'll avoid this fire truck. But the rest were awesome and we had a ton of fun. Even though poor Holden is still upset about his cookie.