Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some school happenings

We had some fun stuff going on recently at both Scarlett's and Holden's schools. Scarlett's class had a butterfly release party. They raised 27 baby caterpillars, which then formed chrysalises and turned into monarch butterflies and the class released them so they could fly off to warm Mexico. For the release, the class dressed up as butterflies. 

And then they had a mini-parade. Scarlett ditched her antenna for a yellow flower headband. (To make the video larger, click the arrow icon in the bottom right.)

And then...THE RELEASE!!
 "Goodbye butterflies!!!"
A few of the kids made "wishes" for the butterflies and Scarlett's wish was displayed for everyone to see. Cute, huh? (And, so you know, the flower is Scarlett's symbol at school. Many Pre-K's assign symbols before children learn to read so they can use sight recognition, which is one of the first steps of reading, to determine what belongs to them and what belongs to other students.)
 And then, at Holden's school, there was an adorable Halloween parade. Holden's class made train conductor costumes. It was really cute.
And we even got to see cousin Blake and his class, who dressed as cats.
And here is a short clip of a slightly confused Holden after the parade looking for his daddy.
So that's what my Goose and my Boog have been up to at school!