Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scarlett turns 6 (!!!)

Six? SIX?! I cannot believe you’re six. You’re well into kidhood now. And you’re rocking kidhood. 6 year old Scarlett rocks. She really does. There’s really no other way to put that.

People are drawn to you. You have this fantastic ability to make people feel important. And loved. And you make people feel like they’re funny when you laugh at all their jokes (even if it’s sometimes a fake laugh…which you recently confessed to) – it’s no wonder you’ve got so many friends. You genuinely make people feel awesome.

You were recently explaining the Tooth Fairy to us. You said that she was a guardian of children because she took away their baby teeth and left adult ones instead. In your mind, the Tooth Fairy helped kids grow up. You’ve still got all your teeth. This comes as a huge relief to me; and, apparently, to your father, too. When I was checking for loose teeth about a week ago he popped his head into your room and said, “There better not be any loose ones in there yet.” There weren’t. It’s only a matter of time, though. (Sigh.)

So, to my goose on her 6th birthday, stay as awesome as you are right now. Don’t EVER care what people think about you. If you want to hop in puddles while wearing a dress – you go right ahead, baby girl. Keep climbing. (And I mean that in both the literal and metaphorical sense.) If you hurt yourself and you really want to wear a band-aid despite there being no physical mark whatsoever…do it. Take as many piggy back rides as are offered to you. Please, ALWAYS love reading as much as you do right now. Be brave when you think you can’t. Be kind when you think you can’t. Make people laugh. Cry when your heart is happy. Sing as loud as you do right now. Stay as smart. Keep Holden as your best friend forever. Continue to take care of him; I can almost guarantee, the favor will be returned as you get older.
Happy birthday, baby girl.