Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Children's Museum in New Haven... so cool! On Saturday, Scarlett and I went to their Saturdays at 2 program where we heard "Jump, Frog, Jump" performed by a storytelling troupe from Yale. Just for listening, we were given a copy of the book to take home and add to the massive library Scarlett has accumulated in the past 8 months. (I have a problem. I know.) As if that wasn't exciting enough, our favorite friend Carson, and our favorite mommy Val joined us. We haven't had a playdate since November! Scarlett was starting to think that Carson had moved on. Here is a picture of Scarlett patiently waiting for Carson to arrive. She was a little shy with the other babies at first, but with Carson by her side she is invincible. They make a good team. After the story, we went into the puppet room. (I'm not quite sure if that's the technical name, but it works.) Scarlett played with possums, and Carson played with turtles. Can you contain your excitement? Then we discovered the room of funky mirrors. I almost felt as if I should supply the museum with a bottle of Windex after Scarlett left this room. I'll assume you've all seen my previous post on Scarlett and mirrors. They're not, reflective after she's done with them.

My favorite room was the "Goodnight Moon" room. It was a total recreation of the room in the book. Val and I waited patiently to tuck Carson in Scarlett into the little bed in the room for what we knew would be an adorable photo, but alas, it was so packed in there and we kept getting cut in line by little kids. The nerve of them wanting to play in the room when there are two first time mothers with a camera. We gave up eventually and got these photos instead. Then it was on to the music room. Scarlett got the hang of her bell shaker initially, but then it kind of turned into her getting the hang of it...deliciously. Observe...Well...what good is a bell shaker if you can't eat it?Then we played with a blueberry bush. We had quite a day! Scarlett had so much fun with Carson that we went over to his house on Sunday too. (I know...two playdates in one weekend?! We're getting good at this).


Pokolodi said...

Poki is so heartbroken without Scarlett. He had so much fun with her. He has been tirelessly practicing his crawling so that he can keep up with her at their next play-date. Which, by the way, should be soon! We can't wait another 2 months!