Sunday, January 27, 2008

We're baaaaa-ck!

We couldn't get enough of the New Haven Children's we came back this weekend too! We watched "The Snowman" on the big screen while accompaniment was played on piano. Well...Scarlett didn't do too much "watching." She did more squirming, banging, and chewing on museum teddy bears. Val and I learned that children around the age of two have about a fifteen minute attention span. We learned this because about fifteen minutes into the movie it no longer felt like we were in a quiet theatre, but felt more like we were in the mosh pit at a Wiggles concert.

The theme of this trip to the museum was dressing up. We found bee and butterfly costumes. We also found monkey tails. You might ask yourself - could Val and I embarrass our children any more? The answer to that question is - probably not, folks. Probably not. Check us out...

We baffled scientists everywhere when our baby bumblebees magically metamorphosed into exquisite butterflies...with giant floppy more like ears than wings.Best monkey buddies...The museum was fresh out of bananas for our monkeys. Scarlett reverted back to her trusty blueberries from last week. Ask me how many kids I think put this exact blueberry into their mouth prior to Scarlett. Some mirror action...
and some banging action...
and finally, some bed in the "Goodnight Moon" room action.
All that action created one tuckered out tot....or one tuckered out monkey/bee/butterfly baby...however you look at it - Scarlett was pooped.


Pokolodi said...

Yay! We had so much fun! See you next week!
(We may want to think about getting a museum membership...)