Friday, April 16, 2010

Gulp. Holden turns 11 months.

I can't believe this kid is close to a year. What happened?! My baby boy.
If I could spend all day biting Holden's chubby cheeks - I would. I love them. And he laughs when I do it so it makes it all the more tempting. If only that paid the bills. (Sigh.) As you can see, Holden's hair is getting quite long. We're just going to let it grow in a bit and see what it looks like. Mainly because mentally, I cannot handle getting his hair cut. (He is not that big yet. He is not that big yet.)And check out this gut. Holden gets into everything. He waits for me to walk away from the computer and then makes a beeline for it. He usually grabs the mouse and brings it under the table. And this kid goes to sleep so incredibly easy. He always has. He falls asleep the second his head hits the crib....sometimes, as you'll see, in very awkward positions. He still usually gets up once in the night, but I'd far rather that than having it take 30 minutes to put him down, which was usually the case with Scarlett. Holden has started climbing up our steps which horrifies me. This is what usually happens (and while my heart jumps into my throat, he could care less...)

Scarlett and Holden have been caught in the act of playing a few times recently...and honestly, it has been the highlight of parenthood thus far.
Now just as long as they don't get any bigger...I didn't think this would be happening any time soon because of the pure beastedness that is Holden, but now that he has mastered crawling he has moved right on to pulling himself up. And even letting go with one hand.
One thing he has yet to master is cleanliness. Yuck!
In roughly one month, this little Munch'll be a year. Why do these things have to happen so quickly?! Wah!!


Fleur said...

I can't believe his birthday is only a month away. How is that possible? It's great that you appreciate every single day with his adorable chunkiness. He really belongs in pictures, with those cheeks!! (I also love how he and Scarlett play together and aspire to have such peace in our household in a year).

Kate said...

those photos made my day! i can't get over mr. holden....i want to nibble on his cheeks all day too, and i've never even met him! so i guess you'll just have to give him a nibble for me!

The Duarte Family said...

I can't believe he is almost a year!!!!! That went by so fast! Precious pic of the two of them playing together. I know I try to catch those brief SECONDS when they happen, but I can never get it! Good job!