Thursday, May 13, 2010

His big day...

To my Holden,

The second we even contemplated wanting you, you made your presence known. It was as if you were always meant to be with us…waiting patiently for the exact moment we decided we were ready for you, and then – you made your appearance. We crossed our fingers that you would be a boy, and a boy you most definitely are. Your father and I were in shock when we found out – “Are we that lucky? I don’t remember being lucky before…not lucky like this.” And, in fact, that lucky feeling hasn’t let up. Not one bit.

On May 13, 2009 at 5:36 am – you were born.

From start to finish, you rushed into this world in a short 3 ½ hours…oh ye of little patience. Your father and I frantically rushed to the hospital, my doctors frantically rushed to the hospital, and you, my little man, were born as mellow as can be 30 minutes later. I held you first. In fact, I held you for a long time. Because of your rush, the nurses still had to finish the admitting paperwork and your father had to run outside to get the camera and the suitcase and to move the car that we had just abandoned on the side of the road – and so the first 20 minutes of your life were spent in my arms. (And my heart aches to get just ONE of those 20 minutes back.)

Having gone through all the “firsts” before with your sister – all the first smiles, giggles and hugs, I was initially concerned that your firsts would be shadowed – but I was wrong. Instead, your firsts took on a new meaning. Instead of rushing you from milestone to milestone, I wanted to enjoy every second of baby you. Your sister’s first smile swiftly became her first giggle and then first hug; while that’s special too, it’s special in a different way. Your first smile was scooped up and cherished – knowing full well that yours would be the LAST first smile for your father and me.

"The first child got me shiny new, like a new pair of shoes, but he got blisters, too. The second child got me worn, yes, but comfortable." - Anna Quindlen

Happy first birthday, Holden. You made the whole package complete.


Pokolodi said...

As is the case in all your birthday posts, I'm totally in tears. In fact, I'm crying like my own Raleigh was turning 1! I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. I can remember your call so well--
me: "Hello? Lauren...are you in labor?"
you: "No...I had him. (giggle)."

I'm learning my lesson watching this video--I must slow down. In fact...I just stopped typing, grabbed my camera, and took some pictures of Raleigh. :)

Happy Birthday, Munch! We love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow and grow!

Fleur said...

I love your sweet posts to your children. They are so lucky to have these written down forever!! You're such a great mom.

Happy Bday Holden! How is it possible that a year has already gone by?

The Duarte Family said...

Well nothing like getting the water works going first thing in the morning! What a great letter Lauren. I know Holden will cherish that letter in years to come. Happy Birthday Holden! Wow that year went by fast!