Monday, May 31, 2010

Mayhem - complete and total Mayhem.

As most of you are aware - both Scarlett and Holden's birthdays are in May....only 5 days apart. Needless to say, this month has been nuts. And on top of everything else, we moved. But that's for a different post. Holden turned one on May 13th. Here he is in all of his one-year-old glory. He still likes to eat wrapping paper...

but, more importantly, he likes to eat cake too.
All done!Joe and I got him a ride on trike...which he loves and which we promptly took away from him so we could pack it. (We're horrible parents.) Scarlett turned 3 on May 18th. We picked her up at daycare and she was rockin' a paper crown that her teachers made for her. She had worn it all day and it was torn to almost shreds by the time we got there and I used an entire roll of Scotch Tape to repair it once we got home. (How could I not?) Nan got Scarlett a doll named Sophie and she was so incredibly proud of it. Can you tell?
And Scarlett got pink princess "cupcapes" with candy hearts.
In between their two actual birthdays, we threw a joint party for the kids at a local playgym. Initially, I was hesitant, but it couldn't have gone any better or been any less stressful. The babies had fun. The preschoolers had fun. And Scarlett and Holden don't even require therapy because they didn't get their own parties...well, they don't require therapy yet. Here are the kids getting ready to leave for their party.
There were playhouses there.And ride-on toys.And roller-coasters.And cheese doodles. There were swingsets.and the swingsets had slides.
and some of those slides went into ball pits. There was a bouncy castle.And a treasure hunt. Look at all those Stork Club attendees sitting cross-legged like circle time. They took direction on how to find the clues.Which they promptly searched for,promptly found,and they scored some pretty sweet treasure. There was pizza. And cake.
And lots of cute babies that would stay still long enough for me to get a picture of Gio (Holden's best bud).
And Avery (Holden and Avery go way 10.5 months back). And Miss Gwen...(the future Mrs. Holden Adams). Yay birthdays! Yay birthday party! Yay it's done. Whew.


The Duarte Family said...

Wow! Already a year has passed...actually and also 3! Crazy how time flies! It looks like it was a fun time had by all, despite the mayhem! :)