Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Character Breakfast

We brought Scarlett and Holden to a special Character Breakfast recently. It was seriously adorable. There were about a dozen 7th and 8th graders hosting the breakfast, and they were dressed as various characters - some of which were completely unrecognizable, but they did have a Snow White; that poor, poor girl. Scarlett and her friend from school, Molly (who we bumped into at the event), followed this poor girl around for the entire breakfast. Neither of them actually talked to Snow White (star struck)...they just followed her around and stared at her adoringly. It was pretty cute. And funny. Holden drank juice (a rarity). We saw Spiderman.

Heard a story.
Ran around.
And danced....with Snow White and the other princess girl.


nicole pressley said...

haha snow white is my mothers best friends daughter :) thats funny im sure she had a great time