Friday, July 9, 2010

What happens in a new house?

For starters, what does NOT appear to happen in a new house is the updating of blogs. Sorry it has been an eternity since my last post; I'm sure you understand.

We are officially in the new house in Stratford now. We moved out of the condo at the end of May and have spent the last month at Nan's house. While we loved being at Nan's house it's great to finally be in the new house. And it was high time we high-tailed it outta Nan's. Especially once Holden learned to walk. Nan's house is not baby-proofed. (See exhibit A)
exhibit A:
"You can't catch me!! I'm gonna drink this here Windex and you can't prevent me from doing so!! (maniacal laugh)" Unfortunately, not much changed the first night or two in the new house before we ourselves had a chance to baby-proof. Holden still went after the "DON'T TOUCH!!"es. And he still maniacally laughed while doing so. So...what happens in a new house besides maniacal laughter? Playhouses are built and then played in. A lot. Phones are talked on. A lot. Swings are swung in. A lot. Indoor swimming pools (or insanely large bathtubs) are swam in...and then mommies dive in to save their crazy 1-year-olds who are, apparently, very interested in scuba diving. And maniacally laughing.Big boy booster seats are sat in.
And freeze pops are consumed. A lot.
So...what does a new house look like? Here are a few pictures. More to come.


Pokolodi said...

I officially hate you. How does your house look completely unpacked and gorgeous and ours does not? We've been here 2 months! I'm serious. We're no longer friends. Don't even try to invite us over to drink cold beer on your awesome deck or play in your playhouse or swim in your giant tub. Don't even try it. Especiaaly not next weekend when we have no plans.

Kate said...

your house looks GORGEOUS! i'm so jealous! although i have to say, that blue and white kitchen theme looks very that some sort of long wharf rite of passage for kitchens?

The Duarte Family said...

WOW! Looks like you guys are enjoying the new house! CONGRATS! The house is gorgeous.

Fleur said...

Your house is beautiful! And I love the yard. As well as all of the fun activities taking place there, and the two adorable little residents. Yay for almost being done unpacking! You must be so relieved.