Thursday, September 2, 2010

First day of Pre-K

Today was Scarlett's first day of school. It went about as smoothly as I could have hoped for. I was expecting all hell to break loose when Scarlett had to put on her uniform as opposed to one of her dozen dresses - but she was fine. (I think the new purple mary janes helped. She told us she simply needed them because she loved them so much. I couldn't argue with that.) Here's Goose modeling her "ufinorm." And her new backpack "with letters" (monogrammed initials).

We made a pit stop at my office.
And then headed to Scarlett's big school. This school goes up to 8th grade, so Scarlett was a little shocked to see really, really big kids going into the school too. (As. was. I. It made her seem just that much older - despite the fact that she is probably the smallest kid in the entire school.) The second we got into her classroom, she asked me if she could go play. I had to beg her to take this picture with me. And then - she was off! I picked her up and she told me that a few kids were crying because they missed their mommies but she didn't cry because she didn't miss me. She only cried when a boy tried to take her food. "There is a playground with a climbing wall and there is a Snow White dress in dramatic play and they got folders with their names on them!"
So that's it. It went perfectly. With the exception of missing her "Minnie and Marino and Amanda" (best friends from the Stork Club) she loves the new school. Yay Pre-K!


Pokolodi said...

I was waiting ALL day for this post! I'm so glad it went well! She looks so friggin' cute in her ufinorm. I can't wait to hear more!

Jacks said...

Lauren, she looks adorable in those photos! I love her snazzy shoes. =) (this is Jackie, btw. I have a blog now, too)

Pokolodi said...

Oh--and you two look so much alike in the pic of you together. Oh my goodness, do you ever.

Fleur said...

She looks ADORABLE in that little uniform. I love it! She looks really happy in all of these photos, that must make this whole experience that much better for you, too!!

nicole pressley said...

i love this so much and it made me sad at the same time she looks so much older in the uniform and i am so happy she loves her new school..just makes me sad bc i cant see her everyday :(