Monday, September 13, 2010

She writes!

We were driving home from school today and Scarlett was playing with her mini Magna Doodle in the back seat. She says "mommy, I wrote the letter C." Not believing but ready to humor her, I glance over my shoulder to peek. She had written the freaking letter C. I almost crashed the car. She erases it and tells me she's going to write the letter T. And she did. She wrote U and then told me she wrote F, but then laughed at her F and told me it wasn't a real F because she "forgot the line that goes across," so she added it and it was a real F. Scarlett JUST started drawing circles if we ask her to draw a circle, but prior to that she did no more than scribble. I apologize for not having proof, but I was cameraless and came very close to crashing my car and it was a Magna Doodle. Rest assured, I will be asking this kid to write the letter T non-stop until it's properly documented.


Pokolodi said...

Yay, Scarlett! Time to pull out that thingy I got for her last Christmas.