Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween (and every Halloween related event for the past 3 weeks)

Man. We've got a lot to cover.
There was pumpkin picking.With Carson, of course. Lots of running.And looking cute. There might have been a little hand-holding in the corn maze. And the requisite kids on pumpkins picture. Then there was the carving. Yuck.Not kidding yuck.

Holden even thought so. In fact, he was as far away from the pumpkin guts as he could possibly be. Then we pulled out utensils.Holden came back for those. The final product. (We call it the classic "when your kids lose interest in carving" pumpkin face.)Scarlett had a Halloween party at school. The whole school was there so there were lots of kids. Lots and lots of kids. Lots and lots and LOTS of kids. And here is their class marching in front of the whole school.
Joe and I even got to go to a party, thanks to babysitter Nan. Check us out. We may have even won the Best Couple Costume prize. (We totally did.) Then, of course, we went to the Boo at the Zoo. Holden chased peacocks. Scarlett and Carson had their three-year anniversary. (I doubt that I need to remind you that Scarlett and Carson had their first "date" at the Boo at the Zoo event when they were four months old. Cause I seriously remind you of that every year. But in case you want to be reminded again, click here...and here...and here. ) Cutie pies. And here are Scarlett and Holden right before we went out trick-or-treating, which was awesome in the new neighorhood!
Yay Halloween!