Sunday, December 19, 2010

East Haven Trolley to see Santa!

Saturday afternoon we took the East Haven Trolley to the North Pole to see Santa. Amazingly, we were back just in time for dinner. We went with Gio (Holden's best bud from his old daycare) and Gio's parents. Holden and Gio were so thrilled to be reunited. They could barely contain their excitement. (They really do like each other. I promise.)Scarlett loves Gio because Gio laughs at almost everything she does and who wouldn't love that? It was a short ride...full of lights and Christmas cheer...and then,Gasp! We're there!We saw model trains.Drank hot cocoa and ate cookies. Sat on a Thomas the Tank Engine train that we were probably not supposed to sit on because we just may have broken it. Drove trains.And stomped our feet. A lot. And, of course, saw SANTA!!