Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Christmas - 2010

We had such an amazing Christmas. We got to see family - both new and old. On Christmas Eve, we went to Joe's sister and brother-in law's house, Deanna and Rich. Here's Holden with cousin Emily: And Scarlett with cousin Conner:Here are the kids later that night in their Christmas Eve jammies from daddy:And then, there was CHRISTMAS MORNING!!

with lots of presents. And then Grandma came over!Can you tell this made Holden really, REALLY happy?!Then, it was round 2 of presents when Nan, Larry, Aunt Nachie, Uncle Craig and Blake came over for Christmas dinner! (All Scarlett ever wants to do is hold Blake. Ever. And I can't say I blame her.) Then...on to Joe's Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe's house the day after Christmas where we saw Aunt Darla:Aunt Sue:Joe's cousins Suzanne:and Michelle: (and a TON of other people that weren't captured on film.) Yay Christmas!! The end!


Fleur said...

So much fun - and YOU look fantastic!!