Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coloring Books

Scarlett loves to color. We've moved her coloring supplies to a reachable spot (that Holden has yet to discover) and Scarlett will go get them numerous times throughout the day, set herself up at the table, and color...for great lengths of time. It's absolutely wonderful because not only does it keep her busy, it generally keeps her pretty quiet too. (In case you didn't know, Scarlett really likes to talk.) And...she's gotten pretty good at coloring. She's not perfect at staying in the lines yet, but she's far past scribbling. She's also figured out that different objects should be assigned different colors...and sometimes many different colors (as is apparent by the lovely gentleman's suit below). In her recent pictures, objects' hair, jewelry, shoes and clothes will have different colors. And while they're not necessarily color combinations that would appeal to...say...95% of the world's population, she's starting to get that color combinations are the way to go.

And look out Betsey Johnson.
Just sayin'.


Pokolodi said...

Such a creative and clever girl!