Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scarlett's Dance Recital - 2012

This past weekend was Scarlett's dance recital. She did such a good job! We had so much fun together - both at the dress rehearsal and the dance recital. She had a costume change in the middle of the performance (going from tap to ballet) so there was a lot of excitement running her around and trying to get her changed before she went on again. I love how much she loves to dance! She's already talking about next year...though she's actually taking a Hip Hop class in the summer. (Hopefully I'll be able to get some video of that!) Below are some pictures from the weekend.

And here are the videos of her performances! These were taken at the dress rehearsal so you can tell a bit that the girls are trying to figure out the stage for the first time. (We're unfortunately not allowed to film the actual recital.)

Adorable, right?! And here is the proud family after the show!