Thursday, February 12, 2009

last night...

I had to post some of the things that Scarlett said last night. If I don't post them I'll forget about them in a few weeks and they'll be lost forever.

We got home from work/daycare last night with enough time to play outside for a bit. (Joe has school and was gone for the night.) We were in the front yard poking a snow pile with a stick. After about 20 minutes of poking, a helicopter flew by. Scarlett looked everywhere (well...everywhere but up) trying to determine where the noise was coming from. I pointed to the sky and showed her the helicopter. She watched it smiling until it flew out of sight. Then she said "more cockie-copter."

Then we went inside and put on pj's. We cuddled up and watched 101 Dalmatians. In the movie, the puppies are born and you get to see one of them as a very young, just born puppy wrapped up in a blanket. Without any prodding, Scarlett pointed at the newborn puppy and said "baby brother." No lie. I may have teared up a bit. Although, please God, I hope her baby brother doesn't have four legs and a tail.

Scarlett has been crying herself to sleep (that sounds really dramatic but it seriously only takes her about 4 minutes) the past few nights because Joe has been at school and isn't saying good night to her. I follow the same routine as always, but when I walk out the door she starts crying and asking for "dada." It's heart wrenching. There are a few things that Scarlett can say that will get Joe and I's instant attention. Turns out, she knows this. Those things are as follows; "poopies," "stuck," "tissue." Last night after I put her to bed, in a desperate attempt to get someone to come back into her room, she said all three. It sounded a little something like this;
"dada poopies, dada poopies, poopies, dada poopies...dada stuck, stuck, dada stuck, wah, dada stuck...(and then, my favorite) dada boogies nose, dada boogies nose, wah wah, boogies nose, dada boogies nose." Despite her utter grief, it was hard not to snicker at the sheer brilliance of her attempt to get someone - anyone back into her room. My poor, boogies nose baby.


Nan said...

When you were that age you called them hebbi-copters!