Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walking a mile in mommy's shoes

I'm going to explain to you a bit about what Scarlett is saying as she's sitting on the floor in this video, just about at the 40 second mark. It's a good look into a daily battle we have with Scarlett. When we get home from work/daycare, Scarlett requests the same "Abby" DVD...everyday. Abby Cadabby is a character from Sesame Street, and Scarlett worships the ground she walks on. Joe can usually keep her busy before dinner and she forgets that she wants to watch the movie, but during dinner our conversation goes from "how was your day?" to "where is Abby Cadabby?" Joe and I have created a diversion, and we think it has worked. During dinner, Abby Cadabby is "nuh-nights." She sleeps while we eat. Simple enough, right? Scarlett has caught on - and actually tells us now that Abby is sleeping instead of asking us to put the movie on. This video was taken right after dinner (explaining the spaghetti sauce on Bubsy's shirt and face). At the 40 second mark you'll hear Scarlett telling Joe that Abby is "nuh-nights" because it's "beh-hast" ("beh-hast" is Scarlett talk for breakfast...which to her, is every meal). Joe and I may have won this one, folks. I'm just dreading the day that Scarlett asks if Abby wakes up when we're done eating.


Penelope said...

Thanks so much for you sympathy. The bear idea is a good one. I will keep you "posted." Hope all is well with you.

Pokolodi said...

I took the liberty of writing the transcript for this video.

Scarlett: Clomp Clomp Clomp Whoooaaaa! Clomp Clomp.

Mama: hee hee snicker snicker

Scarlett: Dada Go! Abby Nigh nights. Beh-hast. Clomp Clomp Clomp.

Mama: snicker snicker

Is everything these kids do the funniest thing ever? Yes, yes it is. God, the shoes. Her little duck feet trying to keep the shoes on! Hee-larious.