Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ahh, my friend Kate. (mother to Molly & Finn - link directly to your right)

Kate and I met about 8 years ago at Long Wharf Theatre. I had just begun my props shop internship - Kate had just finished hers. After Kate moved to NY, I gracefully slid into her spot as properties artisan at Long Wharf. Then I gracefully slid into her spot as stage op at Glimmerglass Opera....and then her spot as head props runner. Etc., etc. You get the point.

Like Kate, my first child turned out to be a cute, witty little girl who loves books and princesses and rain boots. And, like Kate, my second child will be a boy. But...Kate's boy is not just any old boy. He is ALL boy. Like seriously all boy. Is it safe to assume that a post like this might be in my blog's very near future? Kate and I both seem to think so.

Oh. man.


Pokolodi said...

Wow. Remind me to never ever introduce Finn to Carson. They would love each other a bit too much. Except that Kate’s really funny and I want her to be my friend.

Also remember to talk me out of the play-set I want to get for our backyard when we buy a house. I know I'll forget about this post in all the excitement of having a yard--you know--images of Norman Rockwell backyard bbqs and children swinging. Okay, I know Norman Rockwell didn't paint pictures of backyard bbqs, but you get my drift...Snap me back to reality with this post please.

Kate said...

pokolodi-be my friend, be my friend!
(did that sound desperate?)

i hate to do this to either of you, but you should check out today's post...lets just say the boyness doesn't always end happily.

and i may never recover from it.