Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

We were very excited to get the whole family out of the house this past weekend. Oh man...were we excited. We were invited to Radhika's house for a picnic on Sunday. Scarlett and Radhika played in her (quite fantastic) playhouse. There was another little baby there who was exactly one week older than Holden. Scarlett made sure that everyone at the party knew that Holden was her baby. She did this by running up to almost everyone and telling them "that's my baby Holden." She's quite the big sister and is very proud of her brother. That, or she got a kick out of everyone thinking she was adorable while proclaiming Holden was her brother. Or a healthy mix of both.

And Holden slept and ate. And then ate and slept. And there might have been a poop somewhere in between there. And then he slept. When it was time to leave, Scarlett cried the whole way home saying "my Radhika, my Radhika." I think she missed her. (How cute?!) Then we went to a Memorial Day parade in West Haven. I was very proud of us. We got there early - which meant we got awesome parking, and an awesome spot on grass right where the parade began. And then we only had 45 minutes to kill before the parade actually started. Groan. I think we ate about 3 bags of potato chips.Scarlett decided that this is the way that she watches parades. And Holden decided that this is the way that he watches parades. Scarlett saw marching bands.And Holden slept through marching bands. Scarlett saw bagpipers. And Holden slept through bagpipers.Scarlett saw ambulances with sirens.And Holden...well, you get the idea. But Holden wasn't the only one doing all the sleeping. Scarlett fell asleep about 5 minutes into our car ride home. Please note the potato chip that is in her hand. She actually fell asleep before eating said potato chip. Now that's tired.