Monday, May 11, 2009

Scarlett's 2nd birthday party

Saturday was Scarlett's 2nd birthday party. It was a blast! We were petrified it was going to rain because those crazy meteorologists couldn't make up their minds. Thankfully, the rain that was supposed to start one hour into the party never started. At all. All that worry for nothing. (Thanks weathermen!)
We had the party at Aunt Nachie and Uncle Keg's house (Stephanie and Craig), this way, if I randomly decided to have a baby the party could have gone on in my absence.
But no baby.
This party had a bit of everything!

We had bubbles...
And more bubbles...

Sidewalk chalk...Even golf...There was definitely running...Maybe a little walking...But definitely running...And cake...yes, cake...And of course, the bestest of all friends, Carson.Haila... Erin...And Josie, Javier, Kyle, Alexandra, Radhika, and Amaya. And tons of cousins, aunts, uncles, Godparents, and adult friends.
Thank you to everyone who helped Scarlett celebrate! This was a very important birthday party for us because it's the last one we'll have for Scarlett that won't almost immediately be followed or preceded by a certain baby boy's birthday and birthday party. Scarlett was so excited about this party, and really knew what a party was this time around. She had been talking about it for weeks! Last year, I made a joke that Scarlett will be talking about her 1st birthday party until we have her 2nd birthday party. But I wasn't serious. Now, however, I can guarantee that Scarlett will be talking about this party until she turns 3. Thanks to everyone who helped make this day so special for Bubsy.


Pokolodi said...

Even with the whole Carson almost dying thing, we had a blast! You set the bar high, lady. Now planning for June 13th is in full force over here. I can't believe you'll be bringing a widdle baby along!

Kate said...

aw, so stinkin' cute! and i have to say for the record, i am continually impressed with her fashion sense. the girl knows how to work it. can she be two already?