Monday, May 19, 2008

"My girl likes to pah-ty all the time"

What a fun day we had! Scarlett slept in until 7:30 - it got to the point where Joe and I could hardly wait until she woke up to see if she looked any older. We went downstairs so Scarlett could open the present Joe and I got for her. She got a Radio Flyer wagon..."The Pathfinder" to be exact. It has cup holders which, to Joe's delight, fit beer cans as well as sippy cups. It also has seatbelts for those wagon off-roading experiences.
Speaking of off-roading, Scarlett gets to sit front facing in her car seat now. She loves it. I do too because it's far easier to see if she's sleeping or not...which she's usually not, but's far easier to see that she's not sleeping, anyways. Because she turned one, I went and had Scarlett's photos taken at good ol' Kiddie Kandids. Check out this ham!!! People at the mall were actually stopping, staring and oh-ing and ah-ing at how cute and good Scarlett was being...which really helped the matter because if someone is actually paying attention to Scarlett she instantly starts an episode of The Scarlett Show, and that's what resulted in these awesomely adorable photos. Plus...I somehow got these four poses for only $30.52. I still don't know how that happened, but I'll take it.'s party time!! Here's Scarlett with her Godmother "Auntie" Joyce.

Playing with her friend, Haila, who I think was the only person who thought Scarlett was going to be a girl and not a boy. A whole lot of people.
Scarlett's handsome boyfriend, Carson, and his mom, Val, who also had a birthday that same day! (Can you believe it?!)
The love birds hanging out.
It's present time! I cannot begin to tell you how lucky of a girl Scarlett is! Everyone was so generous - too generous! Scarlett got beautiful clothes, bathing suits, some toys, quite a bit of money for her college fund, an awesome zoo pass for Beardsley Zoo (which will get Scarlett and I into the zoo for free for a whole year!) a bubble machine, books...the list goes on! Thank you everyone for all the gifts!
And here's the cake!

"Mom...that cake was worth the whole $45 Julia's charged you for it. Don't have buyer's remorse mom! A Wal-Mart cake would just not have been the same."

Yay birthdays! Thanks everyone for making Scarlett's first birthday such a special one. She'll be talking about it till next year!


Kate said...

happiest of happy birthdays, miss scarlett! i know we've never actually MET, but trust me, i know for a fact what a wonderful, lucky, beautiful girl you are and i can't believe you're one already!

Pokolodi said...

For the record...I also knew Scarlett was going to be a girl. In fact, I recall yelling "You are soooo having a girl!!!" at you every time I saw that belly of yours leading you down the halls of Southern.
Ahhh memories. It's hard to believe that was over a year ago.