Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mystic Aquarium

We went to Mystic Aquarium on Sunday with Carson and his parents. We were going to go to a rubber duck race (how cute would that have been?) with Mossimo and his parents, but it was cancelled due to rain - rain that never happened. We replaced rubber ducks with real marine life and called it a day. Here is Scarlett not looking at a beluga whale...even though I'm pretty sure that beluga whale was looking at her.Here are Joe and Scarlett walking to the penguins. Can you tell how excited Scarlett is? (This picture is the epitome of what I have begun to call Scarlett's "happy grimace.")Penguins!! (I swear they're there...they were just really boring and hung out on that giant rock. Shouldn't they be tap dancing or something? “Tootin' low [tippity tap], tootin' high [tippity tap]. He's a new tooter in with the tin pan parade.”) Everybody loved this penguin...including the parents. It provoked a long and detailed discussion about how it looked like the penguin was flying, but flying underwater - which is technically just swimming. Hey...give us some credit. This was a 10 minute conversation which wasn't, for once, about our children.I think Scarlett's favorite part of the aquarium was the sea lions. She loved them. I know this because she looked at them for more than a few seconds - which I'm slowly learning will not happen often. Come to think of it, these sea lions look very much like Link (our dog).Scarlett was not satisfied with just watching the sea lions. She insisted that they watch her as well, as displayed in this episode of "The Scarlett Show."

Ah...the Anemone Garden. This exhibit enabled me to pass on an important life lesson to Scarlett. Despite how chaotic and stressful life can be, never forget to stop and smell the anemones.We saw some sting rays...and fish...and this thing...which I would be so happy never, ever to see again. Ever.
Carson went in for a kiss.

We all ran (quite literally) to make it to the sea lion show at 4pm. Scarlett started off fine, and was even what I'd call "attentive."Then the actual show started, and my attentive bubbaloo did this...and this...After the show, I begged Joe to let us have a caricature done of Scarlett. He hesitatingly agreed. I'll show you the end result in a future post. I think the caricature is still in the back seat of my car. I think. (Yeah...doesn't say much for the caricature, does it?)


Pokolodi said...

Why would Scarlett need to look at a whale when Carson is right next to her. Nothing is more interesting to Scarlett than Carson. You may want to have that "hard to get" conversation with her.

I have a video of Scarlett's caricature being made. I'll try email it to you.