Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She speaks!!

I think that Scarlett has been saying a few words recently. It's hard to tell though, because the words I think that she is saying are only one syllable words - and if it's even possible, Scarlett is dropping the second half of each syllable. I was hesitant to post any video of this milestone because I wasn't totally convinced...until now. Scarlett is reacting to the words that I think she is saying. She understands both "dog" and "ball"...or "da" and "ba" - however you look at it. If I say "where's the dog?" Scarlett points at him and says, "da." If I say "where's your ball?" Scarlett picks it up and says, "ba" (Well...sometimes she does.)

Here is Scarlett talking about our dog. (Just so you know, Link is hanging out in the kitchen behind the baby gate. And sorry these videos are so dark. I've got very limited video shooting time with Scarlett, and most of it happens to fall in the poorly lit evening hours!)

Here is Scarlett playing with her ball.

Yay dog! Yay ball! Yay Scarlett!!


Pokolodi said...

First of all, I think after you ask where her ball is the first time, she reaches for it and says "over there." I swear! Listen to it!

Secondly, how are you able to keep your living room looking like a living room? And how can you have things on your coffee table within Scarlett's reach? Poki would have immediately gone to those things and thrown them across the room.