Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Elmoification of Scarlett

The TV has been on in the background of most, if not all, of Scarlett's life. I felt it was because of this that Scarlett rarely showed any interest in television. Like air, the TV is reliably there. And like air, Scarlett paid it little mind. Whoa boy, has that changed. We were having a cranky night last night, so I desperately popped in Scarlett's new DVD (which was purchased at a tag sale for 50 cents, mind you). Scarlett, meet Elmo. Elmo, meet my previously inattentive daughter, Scarlett.

I can officially say that "Elmo Visits the Firehouse" is Scarlett's favorite movie. It's got everything, comedy, drama,...dogs even. A brief synopsis...Elmo is taking Maria out to lunch at Hooper's store and he is just about to eat a "scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich" when the fire alarm goes off and smoke starts billowing out of the kitchen. They immediately vacate the store while the firemen do their thing. Elmo develops a wicked case of the shakes followed by complete paralysis due to his fear of firemen...and I thought I had problems. Scarlett was at the edge of her seat...literally.

After this, I wised up and pulled Scarlett's chair closer to the TV. I found it funny that she had what appeared to be an inherent urge to sit during the movie. She also pulled out her Nuk, which she has shown no interest in in...oh, EVER.

There he is folks...Scarlett's favorite muppet - in all of his furry glory.

I'm sure that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Pokolodi said...

So, as I am cracking up reading this post, Andrei is sitting across the room going: "What? What? What's so funny? What?" So I tell him to come over to the computer to see the post. "No...I don't want to get up. Just tell me about it." After a few minutes of him driving me crazy, he finally came over to read it. Of all that is mentioned in the post, Andrei's only response was: "Scarlett sits in a chair?"

If he weren't leaving the country for 3 weeks, I would swear there would be a chair-sitting boot camp coming up.


Pokolodi said...

Oh--and what exactly do you mean by "Elmo develops a wicked case of the shakes followed by complete paralysis due to his fear of firemen?" Does he really start shaking? And then he's frozen in fear? Why? What happens????