Thursday, May 15, 2008

An early birthday present

Mossimo and his mom, Jen, got Scarlett a birthday present. With Jen's permission, I gave it to Scarlett last night instead of saving it for her actual birthday (which is this Sunday). I couldn't wait to let her open it because Jen said that Mossimo has the exact same toy at his home and it's one of his favorites - so therefore, it's gotta be good. Well...that little Mossimo has excellent taste because Scarlett loves it! Here is Scarlett unwrapping her new GBaby Magnetic Play System...

And here she is playing with them. These toys are magnetic block-type things that fit together in a bunch of different ways. They can go in the bathtub, stick to the fridge, make a ball (which is Scarlett's favorite). Scarlett realizes shortly after she starts playing with them that they actually stick together. She was amazed! She brought them with her upstairs when we started to get ready for bed. She held on to them while I was putting on her pj's, and while we brushed her teeth. In fact, the only object that Scarlett would let replace her new GBabies was her bottle. I think we've got a new favorite toy folks!

Thanks for the birthday present Jen and Mossimo!! Scarlett loves it!


Pokolodi said...

We must have them! Where do you get those amazing things???

Poki suddenly thinks the gift he got for Scarlett is super lame.