Monday, May 12, 2008

Some Scarlett, shocker.

Scarlett has been a little crabby recently. As you learned from my last post, her crabbiness initiated what may have been a premature introduction to Elmo. We all now know that she loves him, and there's no turning back. This crabbiness, I have realized, is because Scarlett was cutting both of her top front teeth. Any time Scarlett has given us trouble at bedtime Joe and I pace around wondering why she's being a "buttface" and not going to sleep like she usually does, yet any time Scarlett has given us trouble at bedtime she's gotten one, or even two teeth a few days later - justifying said crabbiness. I figure by the time she has a full set of teeth Joe and I will have caught on to this routine. addition to her three bottom teeth, Scarlett has two top ones. Now if this relationship with Elmo does not wind up working out - she can, quite effectively, bite him.

On another note, Scarlett had her one year check-up today. It went very well. The Dr. was very impressed with oh...just about everything! She was shocked when I put Scarlett on the floor and Scarlett practically ran to the other side of the room to the toy bin. Since her 9 month checkup, Scarlett has grown two inches taller (wow), but only gained 3/4 of a pound. She is 95th percentile in height, but only 75th now in weight. Someone's turning into a skinny little beanpole. (At least one of us is...sigh.) Scarlett's iron count is better than perfect - which is a huge relief to the mom who was two steps away from buying her an iron supplement last week thinking that she wasn't getting enough. The Dr. said she was very impressed with how social Scarlett is, and how well she communicates through pointing and facial expression..."and grunting," I had to add. I told the Dr. that Scarlett was eating whatever Joe and I were having for dinner, including any meats, and the Dr. couldn't believe it. Turns out introducing babies to meats is supposed to be particularly difficult. So in short, the Dr. confirmed that Scarlett is perfect. But we all knew that already.

Here is a picture of Scarlett and I on my very first Mother's Day. I panicked right before I was about to put Scarlett to bed because I realized I hadn't gotten a picture with her and I yet. She's you can see. She fell asleep in my arms during her goodnight story. I couldn't help but to hold her and stare at her for a long time after that. Probably too long. little bubbaloo.


Pokolodi said...

Yay, Super Scarlett! I, personally, am most impressed by he eating thing...and of course, her utter cuteness...but the eating thing when she really only had a couple of bottom teeth is remarkable! Now that she has two top teeth, she'll be chomping on a pork chop!