Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

Wow we had a busy weekend. We had Memorial Day parties to go to on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We also went to the Memorial Day parade in Stratford with Grandma. It was so fun...and, of course, I took a ton of pictures and videos of all the fun events. Here's her royal cheekiness looking adorable with her newly trimmed bangs courtesy of moi. I am referring to the haircut as a Suri Cruise-esque bob. Joe is referring to the haircut as "the helmet." Having her first slice of watermelon at baby Radhika's (and Jess and Bhanu's) Memorial Day party Playing ball with AlexPlaying Bocce (or trying to figure out how the heck to play Bocce) with the adults

And whiffle ballScarlett was in a great mood after the party, so we tested out some of her new tricks on the car ride home. Here she is blowing kisses...

And her newly learned "where's your nose" trick. We had taken a brief hiatus from training for this trick, but when we saw Carson making a hilarious noise with his nose (to see, click here) , it was baby boot camp time.

Finding your nose is utterly exhausting. So, apparently, is taking off your shoes.
Parade time!! Scarlett LOVED the parade. She doesn't usually do so well with sitting still - but she was so good. She probably realized that there was no way she could compete with all the action - so The Scarlett Show was temporarily paused. This is Scarlett's new favorite game. I will try to catch her in action on video, but it's so funny. She spreads out her arms and wiggles her little fingers to get you to pick her up. When you pick her up, she just reaches out for someone else to hold her. They take her, and she just reaches out back to you. Repeat, and repeat...and repeat. Here she is wanting one of the marchers to pick her up. While they found it adorable, they were a little too preoccupied.

How cute is she sitting in this Scarlett sized canvas chair?!? Please notice the sippy cup conveniently placed in her own personal cup holder. She actually sat in this chair for like 20 minutes.
This may have been partly due to the beads she was given by a marcher. Tuckered out...can you blame her?

Yay long weekend!


Pokolodi said...

Please say we are going to see you guys this weekend! I can't wait to see the "Suri Helmet" in person!

And...did Scarlett win a giant blue monkey for Carson???