Sunday, June 1, 2008

New toys

Scarlett got some great stuff for her birthday...finally, here are some pictures and videos of her playing with the new stuff.

Bubble machines...okay...why were these not around when I was a kid? Regardless, she loves her some bubbles. Thanks Cav!

My friend from work, Bev, got Scarlett an awesome banging xylophone for her birthday. Oh boy, is this toy a huge success. It has a banging mallet that comes with it. It has balls that get banged on with said mallet. Does Bev know Scarlett, or what?!

I bought this slide at a tag sale a few weekends ago. Scarlett loves it because she can climb all over it - a skill she is mastering quickly (too quickly, oy!). Perpetual fear number 11 - Scarlett climbing on EVERYTHING.

Could new toys be anymore exciting?!


Pokolodi said...

1: Was Link afraid of the bubbles? That is hilarious.
2: LOVE the Canada t-shirt. Represent!
3: Your work friends are sooo nice! I can't believe how many of them got Scarlett birthday presents!
4: I have never seen Scarlett so cautious before! She obviously loves the slide, but I fully expected her to just climb up and fling herself down. She's holding on to the sides until the very last second and then allows herself to slide down. So funny!