Monday, June 23, 2008

Utensils make an appearance

We finally sucked it up and gave Scarlett a fork to eat with. The kitchen floor can't stay clean forever, right? (See that's funny...for a brief moment did you think my kitchen floor was clean?) We were hesitant to begin to work on this task, but alas, work has begun. We gave Scarlett her own plate last week, and so far none have been thrown. It's time for a fork. Here's the result...

And here is proof that Scarlett loves the beer commercial from a few posts ago. It happened to come on the TV while we were eating dinner. If you listen to the background noise you'll hear a faint "dun da da dun da, ew ew." There's no question when the song starts though...Scarlett's head shoots up like the ice cream truck is driving by. Only it happens to sell Red Stripe beer instead of ice cream. Then she busts a high chair move or two. Hey...the kid likes reggae and I'm okay with that.


Pokolodi said...

So, when I saw these pictures, I totally freaked out and thought that my child was like way, WAY behind in this area. (He probably is, simply because that plate would be across the room like he was playing ultimate frisbee). Then I watched the video and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Scarlett stabbing her plate with the spork(?) and picking the food up with her other hand. Hilarious! Doesn't it seem like forever until they will figure these things out, and then they do it and you can barely remember what it was like before. Remember when you were waiting and waiting for her to sit up??? Oh, these growing babies.