Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dinosaurs...and a little bit of daddy's softball game.

This was our last Sunday. We started off the day going to Joe's softball game with all the other babies (wives, girlfriends, mommies etc., etc.) Scarlett and Michaela hung out quite a bit. Here was our desperate attempt to take a picture of them together. Started off good...

then...not so much. Scarlett took off quick. This is nothing against Michaela, of course, Scarlett just loves her a game of "I'm gonna get that baby." After that Joe and I made a desperate attempt to catch Andrei, Val and baby Carson at the Dinosaur Park in East Bumble-roo, CT. (To see Carson's day at the park, click here.)We missed them by minutes, but decided to enter the park anyway. We had a very nice day together, just us and the dinosaurs. Scarlett and Joe minutes before the eruption of the volcano.Here is some live footage of the erupting volcano. I anticipated a lot more...umm...excitement. It didn't phase Scarlett at all.

Now that's a dinosaur.

And so is that.

And holy is that.Again...they didn't phase Scarlett. My baby bubbaloo as a baby dinosaur.Now those are some esquires."Being nice" with the dinosaur.

Leading the way back to the Jurassic Period.
Whose mother would let them do this? (That would be me.)

Passing a brontosaurus on the way to the playground.

And lastly at the playground we encountered the best slide in the world!

Yay dinosaurs! (Is anyone else noticing when I don't know how to finish a post I just "YAY!" everything to death? No? Okay good. Yay no!)


Pokolodi said...

Okay, first of all, tell me there is someone standing behind the dino with the big horn. My mom adrenaline just shot up my spine! Carson would have immediately thrown himself right off.

Second, we missed the volcano eruption, so I’m glad you got it all on tape. I was actually disappointed…until I watched it here. What-- did they use friggin vinegar and baking soda?

Carson totally pushes his stroller too! It’s all he wants to do. And I have to keep him away from other kid’s strollers when we are in public.

And, finally—yes. That is the greatest slide in the whole world!