Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh the anticipation...

Scarlett has begun anticipating certain occurrences. Joe and I rented a movie the other night and popped it into the DVD player before Scarlett went to bed - fully realizing that if we started it after 8pm I would also wind up in bed before the end of the movie. When the TV screen turned blue and the opening credits of the DVD started, Scarlett came flying over from across the room and planted herself in front of the screen believing one of her movies was starting. It broke our hearts to see her bouncing her knees waiting to see "Mo" (Elmo). She kept turning around and smiling at us and laughing - and looked a little confused when "The Other Boleyn Sister" began...and it didn't involve tap dancing and fuzzy red and blue monsters...at all.

Joe and I also went through a drive-through Dunkin Donuts last weekend, and Scarlett went crazy. She recognizes drive-throughs now, and knows that food comes out of that magical window. All hell breaks lose if we pull away and she's empty handed. I fully realize that this may wind up being problematic down the road. I blame Munchkins. They're far too convenient and disposable to Dunkin Donuts employees. I also blame my husband, who, as it turns out, has been giving Scarlett tidbits of his drive-through snacks for the past few months now.


Pokolodi said...

I can totally picture Scarlett turning around and smiling at you guys--I have seen that Scarlett before. How sad. How heartbreaking. Did you switch out the dvd and let the poor deprived child watch "Mo"?

And what do you mean about the employees at DD? Do they see Scarlett in the car and give you munchkins? How can I get a piece of that action?