Sunday, June 15, 2008

Carson turns one!!

Let me tell you, I was just about as excited for Carson to turn one as I was for Scarlett. (To view the beautiful birthday post Val created for Carson's birthday, click here.) Carson's birthday was June 11th, and this past Saturday was Carson's first birthday party. We had such a blast! Scarlett had fun playing with all Carson's toys. This included pushing Carson around in his birthday present from Val and Andrei, a new Radio Flyer car. This thing is no joke. It's got turn signals and a radio...and a door for crying out loud. My own automobile is currently one turn signal short (taillight is out) so I can officially say Carson's car is indeed better than my own. I am continually impressed at how well Scarlett and Carson play together. There was not one incident involving the sharing of this Radio Flyer car. Carson even opened the door for Scarlett on multiple occasions. Not to say I was worried about this or anything (for the past 4 days I lived in fear that my bruiser baby was going to freak out at the sight of this car and trample anything that lay between her and it.)

Scarlett wore the outfit that Val had just gotten her for her first birthday. It's got strawberries on it...which ironically just became Scarlett's favorite thing to eat thanks to the delicious fruit salad at this party.

It was a perfect summer day so the party moved outside. Carson got fun presents, and was not at all annoyed at Scarlett who just kind of weaved around all the packages as they were being opened.

Val bought magic party hats. And by magic I mean that these hats somehow remained on babies heads despite the fact that these two babies rarely wear hats. And by rarely I mean never. Ever.
Carson went to town on a cupcake. Admittedly, it was a very slow ride into town (more of a crawl really), but it was the kids first cupcake and some of the best entertainment I've seen in awhile. While 90% of the cupcake disappeared from in front of Carson, I think only about 20% made it into his mouth.
The napkin says it all...While the other babies took naps in their cribs, we went home and Scarlett took a nap on her dada. Happy birthday, Pokolodi! We love you! Same time next year, okay?


Pokolodi said...

Yay Birthdays! You were supposed to end with "Yay Birthdays!" or "Yay Poki!" or "Yay Something!"

I'm so glad you could come! I just posted pics on Poki's blog. Most of the pics are from your camera.

We love you all so much! I hope we see you at Poki's parties for years and years and years to come!

Scarlett Helen said...

Yay years and years and years to come!

Kate said...

o my god, i am now officially obsessed with that car. i, i NEED to get one for finn's first birthday! sure, we've had the radio flyer retro rocket stuffed in a closet at my parents' since he was born, but i can PUSH him in the car down the SIDEWALK! which is obviously superior than just something he can ride on!

and even though i don't know carson, happy birthday, baby boy! (ps, where do i get the magic party hats?)