Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holden turns 6 months

Holden is already 6 months old. I'm in shock. He's definitely turned into a regular baby opposed to the delicate new baby he was a few months ago. He rolls over from both tummy to back and back to tummy - but he doesn't appear to want to do it often. He can sit by himself for a short while, but always manages to topple over. He's a little top heavy with that big 'ol noggin of his. He still loves his bouncer.
We just started feeding him in a high chair too, which he also loves. We had been feeding him in a Bumbo seat and then he would hang out in the living room by himself while Joe, Bubs and I ate our dinner. Now he gets to hang out with us while we eat...and who wouldn't like that?! (We are pretty awesome.) He also loves to bang. And talk. You'll see what I mean by watching this...

"Holden SMASH!!"
He also loves to eat. He eats way more food than Scarlett use to eat at this age. On a daily basis, Holden eats 4 containers of baby food, 2 big servings of cereal, 4 big bottles, and a ton of stuff in between. Like teething cookies (no teeth yet though)...And puffs and MumMums.He is still getting use to real food bits (as opposed to baby food mush) and he makes the funniest faces while he gums the food down.
He has officially acknowledged Link's existence.Here are his 6 month photos. He was smiling up a storm before he got behind the camara. All the photographers were laughing and smiling at him and he was laughing and smiling right back. He gets behind the camera, and does this...We're calling this look "blue steel." Still pretty darn cute though, if I do say so myself. And I just did. We did manage to get this smile out of him.And listen to this kid laugh. Ah, I love it. I could watch this video 100 times in a row and never get tired of it.

So that's it. Happy 1/2 year birthday, Holden. I couldn't imagine spending these last 6 months without you. We love you Munch!


Pokolodi said...

Oh my God--he even laughs like Scarlett! But the boy version of her laugh--same rhythm but deeper. I can't believe he is so big--he's going to be close to walking when Ping Pong is born!!!