Monday, November 23, 2009

Stamford Parade

On Sunday we went to the best parade I've ever been to. It rocked. We got there early. Maybe too early. But it meant that we had prime seating. Goose was ready to see some action! So was Holden. We waited. We waited. We waited. We went to Target for fruit snacks. We waited. And then...And then...Wait...what's that up in the sky?Is it a bird? NO! Is it a plane? NO!It's SUPER GROVER!! And he's super crazy! And Scarlett was super impressed!

Holden....not so much. (He fell alseep 5 minutes into the parade.)
We saw Clifford.We saw Curious George.We saw Thomas.And Oscar...And Cookie Monster! We saw Big Bird...or as the little boy in front of us kept saying "Huge Bird...get it? Cause he's not just big now. He's huge." Get it? Yeah. He was quite proud of himself.
We saw Underdog.And Bob the Builder.And Elmo.And Mr. Potato Head wrapped it up.

It really was an awesome day. It was beautiful outside and the air was full of giant cartoon character balloons. Yay parades!


Pokolodi said...

No, not Yay Parades! Boo Parades! We should have gone with you. Screw naptime. Boo! I'm overflowing with regret.

The Duarte Family said...

I had no idea the Stamford parade was that big!!! It looks like it was a great time. The kids are getting so big, so fast : )