Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Costume parade - 2009

Here is a quick glimpse, courtesy of Nan and Larry, of the Halloween parade that occurred at daycare last Friday. Joe and I had to go to a wedding and missed the event...but we made sure to send representatives. Scarlett and Holden's rooms picked their own themes and then made their own costumes. And seriously. Legos? How cute? (Poor Seth didn't necessarily think so.) Holden's class was cows...but in order to get the 8 infants in the room to "march," they were simply wheeled out in their cribs and by the time Nan and Larry realized what cow was Holden, he was already gone. Oh...that Munchie Moo Moo. So here's the clip...enjoy!

Thrilling, huh? I don't know who I feel worse for, Seth - who is obviously mortified, or poor Nan and Larry - who understood that they were to document this amazing and monumental event and in the sheer chaos could only manage to get a 6 second video of Scarlett not so much as batting an eyelash let alone smiling! But it's a cute 6 seconds, no?


Pokolodi said...

A Lego??? What a cute idea!