Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"They did the Mash..."

"They did the Monster Mash."
Today at daycare the kids will be attending a Monster Mash Halloween celebration. They got to wear costumes to school. I think I'm more excited about this fact than they are. I thought I'd get a picture of the kids before we left the house this morning.

Mama - "Okay guys. Scarlett. Can you climb in the chair. Okay. Thank you Bubs. Good listening. Here's Holden (plop). Now smile!"
Mama - "Hold on Bubs. Holden's not smiling. Scarlett. Scarlett. Look at the camera. Scarlett!"
Scarlett - "Holden! SMILE!!"
Scarlett - "He's smiling mama! CHEESSSSEEEEEEEE!"My little pumpkin and my little princess girl.


Pokolodi said...

That first picture of Scarlett is scary. She looks far too grown up and like she knows how to work the camera.

And I have to ask...exactly how many princess girl outfits does that girl have??


Fleur said...

Great shot of the both of them - it's actually sort of a miracle that they both smiled at the same time, isn't it? Or isn't it? In any case, have a great time tomorrow!! Holden is so much happier in his pumpkin outfit than Finn was as a very cross penguin last year.