Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holden turns 5 months!!

Holden turned 5 months old yesterday. I seriously cannot believe how big he's getting. He woke up one morning with a full head of hair. I kid you not. He didn't have hair and then, one morning, he just did. He's also doing awesome with solids. He eats lunch and dinner now...and he is so incredibly messy that he requires a complete outfit change after every meal. Bibs do nothing. Or...we just let him eat like this... Holden is a complete and total mommy's boy. And I love it.
His grunty little giggle has morphed into a full out laugh. And, again, I love it.
Holden loves his big sister. But could he not? Especially when she's always begging us to put him in her "laps." (Why Scarlett pluralizes the word "lap" in beyond me.) He's blowing raspberries. He's gabbing up a storm. He loves to play with his toys. And...he's still a beast...but we don't mind. How could we?


Pokolodi said...

I cannot believe he is 5 months already! He's such a sweetie--seriously the best baby I think I have ever been around. I can't wait to see what he's going to be like when he's Scarlett and Carson's age.

The Duarte Family said...

Wow! He's such a cutie!!!! He really loves hammin it up for the camera. It's so nice to see Scarlett loves her baby brother :)