Monday, October 5, 2009

Radhika's 2nd birthday party!

Last Saturday we went to Radhika's 2nd birthday party. There was a lot of little girl playing going on...and it was adorable. In fact, they were so busy playing with each other that they kept each other busy for the entire party. They played with stuffed animals.And they played with babies and bags and strollers and went to both "the beach" (according to Scarlett), and "Mami," or Miami (according to Radha). They took turns carrying the bag. They took turns pushing their babies. And then Alex came to the party and they ALL played with babies and bags and strollers and anything else girly that they could get their hands on. And while they were sitting there on the couch talking about babies and bags and strollers and "the beach" and "Mami," I couldn't help but think that one day they'd be sitting here talking about boys...and just how icky those boys are. (I'm not getting too far ahead of myself just yet.) But the girls weren't the only ones doing all the playing. Holden and Noah were playing too. Noah is exactly one week older than Holden. And I'm sure by the time Radhika turns three, Holden and Noah will be running around together playing with trucks...and tormenting the three girls which will probably initiate the girls' conversation about just how icky boys are. And here is Auntie Joyce with Holden. Please notice her "Gwen-belly." She is due with baby Gwenyth any day now, and we can't wait! Even Scarlett is excited. And if you ask Scarlett what kind of baby is in Auntie Joyce's belly, she'll reply "a pink baby!" And she's right. Kind of. Holden has been waiting very patiently for Gwen to get here. Yay birthday parties! And yay new babies!