Sunday, October 10, 2010

I heart NY

Scarlett and I went to NYC recently. We went there with the following goals:
Ride the metro north train...check.
Look cool while touring grand central...check.Look like a local while checking out Times Square...check.Visit Barbie's mansion...check.Ride the Ferris Wheel at Toys R' Us...check.(We somehow, despite me telling Scarlett that it most likely would not work out that way, wound up in the exact car that Scarlett wanted to ride in, soooo....)
Mom learns magic...check. Visit the M&M store...check.Buy pink and purple and green (for dad, even though she ate them all) M&M's...check. Momentarily stray from the goals for a photo op at a cool fountain...check....check....and check.Stop at American Girl and not buy anything because god did not intend toys to be that expensive...check!

We had a fabulous time...just the girls! Yay NYC!


Jacks said...

Ahh, it fills my heart with joy to see that your daughter also loves NY!

Fleur said...

What a fun trip!! And adorable photos - she looks like a little doll (and quite at home in the city, I may add).