Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scarlett's first story

I mean, really - if this isn't a work of genius, I don't know what is. Look out New York Times 10 Best Books list...Scarlett H. Adams is coming!

Our heroine starts off sad because that horrible mama of hers (i.e. me) says that our heroine doesn't have any toys. Now mama...that simply is not true! It is these people who are the ones who don't have any toys. Look at them (all one of them). Look at their expressions. Simply miserable. I, mama, have toys. Lots of them. And I'm so awesome that I share them with my friends. And I'm quite certain that you, mama, are not awesome because you lied. The end.

And I would crack a joke that Scarlett actually wrote this herself and it was in no way dictated to a teacher's aide...but you would know I was lying. An author of this caliber would never let an "alot" slip into her text. Or, if she ever did, her editors certainly would have caught it.