Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scarlett's first field trip!

Scarlett's class has been learning about Fall recently. Scarlett had a homework assignment this week where she was asked to collect leaves that had fallen from trees, acorns, sticks and dried grass and bring them all into school so the class could discuss the textures and colors of everything. Then, yesterday, they went to investigate Fall as a class (and Scarlett's teacher was nice enough to email pictures to all the moms and dads who thought they weren't going to have pictures of this monumental "first field trip" me). They looked at stuff like this: This:And this:They went in a corn maze. They went on a hay ride pulled by a tractor.And, of course, picked pumpkins. And here is a picture of Scarlett's class. (Seriously. How cute.)

Yay field trips!!