Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a fantastic Easter! The kids woke up ready to hunt for eggs.  

Holden was super-psyched to collect the eggs.
And even more super-psyched to find out what was inside the eggs.
We got dressed for church...
Tried to pose for a picture - had mild success.
Then went to Nan's house for dinner.
And the highlight of the day was, of course, everyone getting to hold Blake.
And for the first time Holden really seemed to pay attention to Blake - which is awesome because I have some pretty high hopes that these kiddos will be best buds in the months to come.
They even played together. Maybe. Kind of.


Well...maybe "play" is a bit strong - but they acknowledged each other. And we all got a kick out of it.
So that was our Easter!


Pokolodi said...

This is cute and all, but I really want to know is who is doing Holden's hair these days? He's got bedhead chic down to a science.

Fleur said...

Your family picture is so sweet. (Does anyone ever say that you and Joe sort of look like you could be related? Andrew and I get that a lot. It's a little creepy but apparently results in cute kids.)