Friday, April 15, 2011

"Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?"

"I hear a Flamingo fluting in my ear."

Scarlett's class put on a play tonight. They performed the book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?" Scarlett was cast as the Flamingo. She rocked it. Totally rocked it. Here she is practicing before we left for the show.   
Nan came with us which made Scarlett very happy!
Here is Scarlett's class walking into the dressing room (i.e. classroom) to get into their costumes.
And - here is the performance! 

Look at how focused she is! She kept still and kept in character the entire time she is up there. And she is the only kid that I could hear or understand. And she totally knew her line - "I hear a zebra braying in my ear." She didn't even need to look back to SEE the next animal to remind her of her line - she knew it! I am so proud of her!
Good job, Goose!!


Fleur said...

Hello? Best flamingo ever? That's right! I'll be able to say that I knew her when...
no wonder you're proud, this is just adorable. Great flamingo outfit too.

Pokolodi said...

I'm still mad at you for not inviting us to her acting debut, but whatever. I'll still leave a comment. But I want to be clear that this comment is for her and NOT you.

Scarlett, you were the best flamingo I have ever seen--and I've seen REAL flamingos. Their "flutes" are just plain lame next to your flute. Plus, flamingos WISH they could be as pink as you. You were just wonderful! Brava! If your mother had thought to invite us, we would have brought flowers and asked for your autograph.

Pokolodi said...

If I were that boa constrictor, I would have eaten that zebra for ruining my entrance. Or squashed him. Or whatever boa constrictors do.