Sunday, April 3, 2011

Field Trip to Maritime Aquarium

Scarlett's class took a field trip to The Maritime Aquarium recently. I signed up to be a chaperone. It was pretty adorable. Scarlett was very excited when her friend, Mia, was assigned to be her "field trip buddy." Can you tell? 

The kids all got their museum "licenses" which they wore around their necks and got stamped at all the learning stations the museum had set up.
And, of course, we saw fish.
And turtles.
And completely took over this fishing boat for about 15 minutes.
A fishing boat totally manned by 3 to 5 year olds? Very successful indeed.
See? Told ya. After about 5 minutes on the boat, Scarlett even managed to start to look like a fisherman.
Then we walked to the Penguins.
Which may have been everyone's favorite.
Just may have been.  
Yay Maritime Aquarium!