Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy 4th birthday, Scarlett

I brought you and your brother to the movies a few weeks ago. Before the movie started (and despite the fact that I was chasing your brother down the aisles) I glanced over at you and you were singing along to "Firework" as it was playing in the background of some preview for a movie about prom. For a brief moment, I was awestruck. You were beautiful. You couldn't possibly be mine. You were self-sufficiently sitting in your seat (sitting, admittedly, at the very edge so the seat didn't flip up and swallow you) and you were in your own little world, obviously very pleased that this particular song was playing, a song I wasn't even aware you knew (and did I say you were beautiful? I think I may have). I will remember the sight of you at that particular moment for a very, very long time.
I spent quite a while thinking about just how to write this post. I didn't understand why it was taking me so long - far, far longer than any other year - to figure out what to write to you...and then I realized I wasn't approaching it correctly. I didn't want the same little montage of all the "big girl" events and milestones that had happened to you in the past 12 months. While those things certainly exist and are in no way insignificant, they aren't an accurate representation of this past year with you. In this past year you've sprouted into such a...person. This is the first year that I felt like in addition to the things your father and I tried to instill in you, like manners, patience, and consideration, your own characteristics and talents began to emerge. Like ambition, sociability, and your love of story-telling and art. I am so incredibly proud of the person you are becoming...but I'll never complain if you fall asleep in the car and I get to carry you, sleeping in my arms, into the house.
Baby you are a firework.
Happy birthday, Scarlett.


Pokolodi said...

Congratulations, Lauren. You have made me sob...again.

I know I always say this--probably so much that it sounds cliche--but I really love this kid. I swear I couldn't love her more if she was my own. I am so, so happy to know you guys, and even happier that Carson knows Scarlett. To say she's special just doesn't cut it.

Happy Birthday, Scarlett! I love you, little firework!